Leetmod Vs. COD4 without mods

Leetmod brings many new features and fixes upon COD4 patch 1.7. Everything that was wrong, unbalanced or missing was improved.

Here's some of the improvements in this mod over cod4 without mods and that applies to other mods too. To see specific gameplay configurations click here.

New and improved features


Specific dynamic settings:

Leetmod allows to dvars settings on different scopes: global, per-game type, per-map and per-load (no. of players) dvars, or any configuration of these. Every setting has this ability, so the different configurations you can do with Leetmod are endless. These settings can also be configured (and saved) in the vastly new menu's accessible from: "Create Server" or in-game: "Server Configuration".

Dynamic rotation:

By exploiting the potential of the dvars multiple configuration, an autonomous system can be deployed that, depending on the number of players, changes the maps and game types in use. E.g. when there are few players, run a rotation with fast game types (non-team-based) in small maps and for more than 6 players, run strategic team game types. The rotation can also be paired with rules, e.g. map number 4 in the rotation is played with snipers and map number 7 with all weapons but no perks.

Passive Anti-camping:

This system doesn't punish the camper but teaches him that it is wrong. If you camp, you are warned through a tent symbol and your weapon is disabled until you move to other place. Combined with all of the other possible configurations (ex., disable MGs or 1 claymore per player), camping will be a word that just exists on other mods/servers.

Spawn Protection:

In many maps, the spawning system isn't always perfect. In order to avoid undeserved deaths just because you spawned in a guarded/known place, this protection system does several things:

  • During the first seconds of the round, airstrikes are disabled.
  • When you spawn, you have 2 seconds of protection (blue symbol), during which you can't be killed (a notification symbol appears to the player who's trying to spawn-kill) and you can't kill them either during this interval, so use it for taking cover.

Extended Player Statistics:

The player statistics now feature more details like winned/lost games, number of shots fired and hitted/missed and more.

Server Players Statistics Viewer:

You can view statistics of the players that are currently on the server in the menu 'Players' and compare them with your own. These statistics are also extended and show much more information than the cod4 original statistics.

Final Statistics:

In the end of each game it is displayed to all players extended final scores with more details with your performance. For each category, it is shown the best player.

Final Killcam:

In the same style of MW2 and Black Ops, if the victory in the end of the game was done by killing, it is displayed to everyone a killcam with the last moments of the player that score those final points.

Create a class during the game and slots increased to 9:

Leaving the game or waiting for it to end to change a weapon or a perk is a thing of the past. You can modify a class at any moment and it will be available at the next spawn. Also, now you can save up to 9 different classes!

Editable default classes:

All the default classes can be edited so you can select any weapons/perks combinations you think are more suitable to your server. Also, the default classes have been revamped and are much more balanced and useful now.

Weapons/Perks/Attachments/Cammos Unlocker:

There are no advantage to players that spend more time playing and has unlocked more things than others. You can manualy unlock weapons to use them at any rank if you want to, or rank up and do it yourself.

Fixed Bugs:


  • AK-47 Red Dot: Damage
  • G3 Silencer: knifing
  • M21: Sprint
  • P90: Sprint (also nerfed: magazine 50 -> 32)
  • Snipers, Acogs: Hit Detection (removed sway that introduces bugs)
  • Knife bash animation - Better hit detection plus the attacker wont be "stuck" for moments at the enemy, it stays free
  • Shotguns: limited range - Now they are more usefull because range isn't limited to 10 meters.


  • When killed in S&D, killcam would display bomb location.
  • When spectating a team-mate, if he had UAV, it woudn't appear to you.
  • Weapons would cross-share ammo: e.g. M9 and MP5. Now only M40A3-R700 and the shotguns can cross-share ammo since they are bolt/pump action and bullets are individual.
  • Tracer bullets would appear at random (30% of the times).
  • Own footsteps not corresponding to the ones heard by the enemies.

New killcams:

Added new killcams to the game for you to see how you died from other perspectives:

  • Airstrike - From the perspective of the missile that killed you
  • Vehicle explosion - From the perspective of the car that exploded
  • Frag Grenade - Now it's not only the enemy throwing the grenade, but also the camera following it after it leaves his hand
  • Claymore - From the perspective of the claymre that exploded in your direction.
  • Suicide killcam - Only appears when you kill yourself with the help of another object. Shown from its perspective

New object physics and more realistic ragdoll:

In order to create a more imersive and realistic gaming experience, the physics of the various objects dispersed in the map, like bricks, tires, cans or boxes was improved to be more realistic under explosions or shots. The same applies to inanimated bodies (corpses) on the floor, they move much more realistically under explosions.

New Game types:

There are now many new gametypes, and cool non-team-based gametypes too (e.g. use when a server has few players).

New Maps, directly accessible from the menu:

There are many new maps that can be accessed directly from the "Create Server" or "Server Configuration" menu. Some are very cool Sniper Vs Sniper maps where the teams always start in oposite sides. Many of these new maps can also be played with bots.

Bots with A.I. (powered by PeZBOT):

Now you can play against bots. The new game types aren't supported at this moment but all the stock game types are, just make sure you have Punkbuster disabled so the Enable Bots option shows on the Server Configuration menu. Due to a limitation on code limit of the Call of Duty engine, some map support needed to be removed - Bog, Crash Snow, Killhouse, Shipment, MW2 Modern Rust, MW2 Sub Base. Also, waypoints for the following maps weren't available: MW2 Storm, BO Hanoi, BO NukeTown, MW3 Bootleg, Garena, Hangar, Shipment 2, Shipment 3, SvS Muelles, SvS Old Town, SvS SniperWarf Square. If you have waypoints for these maps contact us.

Third Person feature:

In certain game types, the game runs in third person for everybody. There's also other moments where it switches to third person, like in Sharpshooter when the weapon is a shotgun.

Selection of soldier type:

If you enable the new Create-a-Player function, you can select which soldier type (i.e. its 3D model) you want to play with, instead of being given one at random. This way, if you're playing against friends you can know which is who.

AFK to Spectator, AFK-Spectator to Kick:

This is an automatic system that, when someone is AFK for some time, he is switched to spectator in order to avoid giving free kills to the enemies and not interrupt games that doesn't have respawn like S&D. With this, in S&D players doesn't have to wait anymore just because someone spawned and then left the keyboard.

This AFK player, after switched to spectator, can, after some other time, be automatically kicked to release a slot that could be being used by other player with more availability to play.

All this is automatic and doesn't need the manual intervention of anyone.


Admin Control Panel:

You don't have to leave the game to change something in your server, because now you have an administration page where you can control players (switch his team, warn, kick or ban, and more), maps (end now, restart, fast restart, rotate, select a map from rotation or set rotation there) and rules (load rules or profiles, reset gameplay or gametype variables) and many more. Also you can access the "Server Configuration" (Create Server page and all submenu's) if you're running a listen server.

Initial/Welcome Page:

This page can contain general information about the server, rules, instructions of how to play or anything you want.

Improved movements and more reliable player animations:

The leaning animation is improved and it's more reliable to what happens in third person. The animation of crawling (prone+forward) is also better.

Keyboard menu selection:

Added the selection of options using the keyboard, in order to waste less time when you already know which option you want to select. Check all the hotkeys here

Also the default classes were changed and now they are more useful.